Essential Psychology offers comprehensive Educational Assessments and Psychometric testing (IQ) for children and adolescents with a range of academic and learning issues. This can include assessing for giftedness and specific learning difficulties in reading, maths, working memory, attention and concentration. Assessments of School Readiness are also available to help parents determine what support their child may need in preparation for starting kindergarten.

Educational and Psychometric assessments are helpful in identifying an individual’s cognitive ability and to ascertain the level a student may be working at academically.  This helps to clarify the nature of any academic concerns and to equip parents and teachers with practical evidence-based strategies to help a student achieve their full potential. Once the assessment is completed, parents will be provided with a detailed report outlining the findings of the assessment, together with a range of recommendations and strategies to help address any areas of concern.

Common concerns for parents may include:

  • "My child is finding it hard to concentrate at school"
  • "My child seems to be struggling with reading"
  • "My child complains of being bored in class and is not paying attention"
  • “My child’s teacher has raised concerns about how he/she is learning”
  • "Could my child be gifted?"
  • "My child does not seem to be working to his/her potential"

Assessments involve a combination of the following tools:

  • The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children–Fourth Edition (WISC–IV).
  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence - Fourth Edition (WPPSI-IV Australian). 
  • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test–Second Edition (WIAT–II).


Attendance at school/other agency meetings to discuss the results of the assessment are also available on request.